Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Item-[ Art ]

"Lost Princess" 2008, Kosuke TSUMURA

"IN-EI"(shade and shadow) 2008, Monaka

Kosuke TSUMURA : Fashion Designer

Under the concept of “the ultimate home is clothes,” Kosuke Tsumura established the urban survival fashion brand called “FINAL HOME.”
As Tsumura phased through Paris Collection, London Collection, Tokyo Collection, among others, he found himself working relentlessly in the fields of design, art and architecture on a daily basis.

Winner of the 52nd “So-En Award”
Winner of the 12th “Mainichi Fashion: Best New Designer Award”
Winner of the 3rd “Oribe Award”
Venice Biennale Architectural Exhibit
Shanghai Biennale Exhibition
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
First Project Based Exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SITE
"THIS PLAY!" Exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SITE
“Beautiful New World” Exhibition

Kosuke TSUMURA Website( In Japanese ) In Japanese )