Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to guiq´chaq

"guiq' chaq" is very unique & elegant, newly opened Japanese "Gothic & Lolita" concept boutique in middle of charming & lively St. Germain - St. Michel area in Paris.

The name "guiq' chaq" stands for Japanese word, "Giku shaku" which means "awkward", a word used to express the condition of "discomfort" occurs just before things get sorted and dissolved.

So, named the boutique "guiq' chaq" with sincere expectation that we will surely have the little time to go through to introduce Japanese sub-culture to the locals, and sometimes it may look weird and shocking to locals, but eventually, we will be successful to make incredible results and become a meeting point of Japan & France to start with towards entire Europe from this tiny local, but very exclusive area of Paris.

There is another reason why "guiq' chaq" is very unique boutique, we call.
The boutique functions as a gallery also.

"Lost Princess" 2008, Kosuke TSUMURA

We carry “Japanese art pieces” as well as unique & elegant Japanese fashion products.

Basic idea is that the boutique means to be an exciting cozy den to meet Japanese art talents as the “meeting point of Japanese culture”.

We chose carefully and try to carry art pieces done by well-known fashion concept Japanese artists and also un-known artists with special talent regularly for you to discover & purchase.

For opening special, art pieces of Kosuke TSUMURA, designer of FINAL HOME as well as well known artist.
And also, his new art unit "Monaka" are now displayed at the boutique for you to meet these valuable Japanese contemporary arts and possibly purchase them.
Just come & see!

"IN-EI"(shade and shadow) 2008, Monaka

Kosuke TSUMURA : Fashion Designer

Under the concept of “the ultimate home is clothes,” Kosuke Tsumura established the urban survival fashion brand called “FINAL HOME.”
As Tsumura phased through Paris Collection, London Collection, Tokyo Collection, among others, he found himself working relentlessly in the fields of design, art and architecture on a daily basis.

Winner of the 52nd “So-En Award”
Winner of the 12th “Mainichi Fashion: Best New Designer Award”
Winner of the 3rd “Oribe Award”
Venice Biennale Architectural Exhibit
Shanghai Biennale Exhibition
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
First Project Based Exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SITE
"THIS PLAY!" Exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SITE
“Beautiful New World” Exhibition

Kosuke TSUMURA Website( In Japanese ) In Japanese )

This cutting-edged, charming Japanese "Gothic-Lolita" petit château also creates events & parties for you to dress up, meet other people and experience Japanese culture regularly.

For example, on the opening day of the boutique, we had a little "HANAMI" style party to share this happy day of its birth with first arrival of spring..."HANAMI" is Japanese word of "Cherry blossom seeing".

This cherry blossom scenery in Japan is already well known in the world how it is crazily beautiful with magnificent view with that the cherry blossom looks like covering entire country during this season in Japan, and actually it is "crazy" party time under the trees for people.

On that day, we invited great musician all the way from Japan and had a beautiful "Shakuhachi" live music to create incredible atmosphere of Japan in the season.

"Shakuhachi" is traditional Japanese bamboo flute and it is perfect for bringing us the scent of first spring wind added to our "HANAMI"...

Also what is magnificent scene for our opening at the corner of Paris was the player, "Yosuke IRIE", he dresses absolutely "Goth", his music creates magnificate mood of gentle and hard, contemporary and tradition...

"Yosuke IRIE" blog & Website
( In Japanese... but can see him playing in the short videos, please check it out, Great sound! ):

* If you need him to play for your event or parties, please contact “guiq’ chaq” for inquiry.

Well, keep eye on our news and don’t miss the every chances to meet such “Japanese cutting edged culture scene”!

Hope we can give you all the opportunity to develop our knowledge of each cultures (art, music & fashion) and friendship so ... enjoy!

Hope to see you all here at “guiq’ chaq”, remember, "guiq' chaq" is always here for you to drop by.